Who is Moja for?

Product Managers

You already understand the benefits of rolling out a new feature or bug fix, but don't have a full picture of the implementation details. When you finish Moja you won't need to ask "is this a big or small task?", "how long will this take?", or "when will this be completed?". Moja will help you gain a deep understanding of the web so you can better allocate your developer resources and achieve the vision for your product.

QA Engineers

You're great at spotting "off by one", cross-browser issues, and errors generated with obscure characters, but that's where your contribution usually stops. You're valuable to your company, but limited in your impact. Moja helps QA engineers better understand how the your applications at work function and break. You might even be able to fix some of the bugs that you find too!


It turns out that your company is building a web application, not trying to figure out the Big-O notation of the most popular sorting algorithms. Moja helps junior and experienced developers get up to speed on modern client and server side web frameworks at an accelerated pace. We won't waste your time with introductory programming concepts, we'll help you jump right in and give you a strong foundation for web development.

What does Moja do?


One-to-one Learning

We have a proven curriculum that we customize to you based on your prior experience and learning goals. It's just you and us in our sessions, so there's no waiting for a classmate to grasp a concept or speeding through concepts that you want to go more in depth in.

Project Based Learning

Build web applications from day one. Do not waste your time on tutorials without context or bloated and irrelevant content not geared for your learning needs. We curate lessons for you and help you learn concepts by building web applications like the ones that you use everyday.

Unlimited Support

Never get stuck or feel alone in the learning process again. Our program is 100% online and accessible from anywhere. We provide 24/7 online support via HipChat to our students. We will help you until your problem is solved.

Accelerate your learning.