Invest in your employees.

Are you draining resources on training new employees? We handle training your employees so they can be effective in their roles. Let us provide focused technical training to your employees so they can grow and excel without burdening your most productive employees.

Our Process

1) Custom Curriculum

Our engineering team comes in and learns what technologies, style guides, and priorities you want to emphasize and builds a curriculum around that for your developers, product managers, or any role in your company.

2) One-to-one Training

Our instructors specialize in being great educators. Your employees are assigned invidiual mentors to gain understanding at an accelerated rate. We teach what your employees need to be successful.

3) Focus on what matters

Your employees can finally be effective at their jobs faster without wasting using the costly employee hours. You get back to focusing on your core competency- building great products and services.

Who is this for?

New to Web Development

New graduates and non-web developers lack the practical skills of building beautiful web applications. We handle training your employees to truly understand the web and work with all technologies so they have a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon and customize our curriculum to the tools your compnay uses, whether it be Backbone, Angular, LESS, SASS, and beyond.


Many product managers, sales people, and other non-technical team members don't understand how a product gets built. We will teach your employees the intuition they need so they can sell, drive, and support your product better and not waste time because of a technical knowledge gap. Product managers will be more effective in time estimation. Sales people will more effectively sell the product that your engineers are building.


Have you found candidates or employees that are a great culture fit, but just lack in their technical skills? We provide accelerated training to these employees so that you can share in the benefits of the results. Benefit from having employees who know your product deeply and are ready to contribute to it.

Tech companies large and small benefit from the Moja way of learning: