What does the process look like?

1) Individual Consultation

We teach students of all technical levels. We help you set up goals based on your company needs and determine what steps you need to get there.

2) Interview Trial

During this period we'll get to know your learning style and tackle small projects together. Then we'll both decide if our program is a great fit based on your learning styles and your time commitments. If it is, we'll finalize your custom curriculum with only the technologies, languages, and frameworks you need to know.

3) One-to-One Training

We'll meet with you over a Google Hangout once or twice a week, depending on your needs and schedule. You screen share as we code projects together. We'll introduce new concepts, give out additional projects to work on, and most importantly help you gain a deep understanding of web development.

4) Post-graduation Support

We're not going anywhere. We provide support for graduates whether it be technical support, references for jobs, or network connections.

We teach using the most modern tools for building web applications

One-to-One Philosophy

A story: we were helping a student incorporate Google Maps into one of her early web pages when the student next to her wasn't sure why his page wasn't loading. After switching back and forth trying to debug and help both students, we realized that his API Key wasn't copied correctly. The first student couldn't progress and the second student didn't have our full attention so both students' learning were hindered. That's when we decided that a 1-to-1 environment is the best way to learn. We haven't looked back.

All of our sessions are between one of our instructors and you. No one else. By working directly with you, we help you work through any obstacle immediately. With each lesson, we become more effective teachers as we understand your learning style better so that we can tackle ANY difficult concept. Since we are 100% online we can provide individual support anytime, anywhere.

We are educators first, engineers second.